Sunday, May 8, 2011

Memories of Second Life

Living the present I stroll over the memories
flashing before my mind's eye
The days we played in the land of the fairies
with all the world's vigour and joy.

Did we ever care for what we would see today?
or was it just due to oblivion?
That we were young and gay,
and lived in the land of the Vivian.

Seldom do I feel the absence,
when loneliness creeps between
and feeds the killing presence,
howay, and thats the scene.

On a dusky evening by the shore,
enjoying the subtle sunset even more
Saw a group of mirthful friends
and said to me,"What a difference?!"

Unperturbed in a state of melancholy
I whisked away in dire strait
and joined the Vespers hankering the Holy
to answer my wishes and shower some light.

Little could He do for what happened
when i realized it was a nightmare
Woke up in sweat, ran blind
and freed my mind from despair.

Relieved by the blithe spirit
that was left in me
I could feel the ethereal daylight
Promising, I wont miss my ally!

Grappling under the feeling of slumber
felt how much i missed my, dear friends.
Knelt before the Lord and with utter
delight, thanked the Almighty for His glory, splendent.

All this in one night,
rejoicing the triumph
has become eternally
the Memories of a Second Life