Saturday, June 18, 2011

Getaway to the Himalayas

I am still confused why I love to visit the mountains, the high altitude places where its scantily populated. Maybe I'm a person who doesn't love crowd. Believe me, i am such a sort, sometimes involved in introspection to an extent that i forget the outside. Besides that boring part about me, i have this collection of memories that got recorded somewhere in my negligible brain from my trip to the Valley of Flowers.

My roommate is a trek-enthusiast who plans up all these sort of trips and makes his life worthwhile unlike me who just tags along with those who move out seeking adventure. I am such a parasite, damn! It was some time in August when i had returned from work and was in a dilemma about my trip. Although I was suffering from the regular and common ailments, I made my mind to be strong and just do it. So it started, the rough ride from my place in Gurgaon to the ISBT in Delhi, the rickety bus to Haridwar, the early morning tea accompanied with a cigarette, another bus ride to Rishikesh which usually takes 45 minutes took us 2 terrible hours. That was the last time i boarded a bus in North India. The hiking started from there to Joshimath where we hogged like dogs (consequence of not having anything to eat since morning) and lodged ourselves amongst the heavy mattresses that they provide as blankets. But when i rolled under it I understood the USP of it in the cold weather. snowfall is the only event which we missed cos thats how we planned it. I mean he planned it :P

We started the trek early in the morning and walked a treacherous 15 kilometers into the mountains to reach a place called Gangaria. Man, that was THE place to live. No roads, no vehicles, no pollution, surrounded by mountains clean and green. For a moment i was convinced I reached the heaven that people describe though I am a non-believer for such crap. Had dinner twice :P , c'mon i was famished. Met a group of five people who were from the neighbouring sector in Gurgaon. We went to a museum, talked with the localites, ate jalebi's(not the ones Mallika is preparing) and a caught up a movie. Thats right, a record, I watched a movie at that altitude(a little over 3km above the land where you people are reading my blog). It was more of a documentary about Valley of Flowers. I enjoyed it.

The lambent mountains was a sight I can never forget. Vodka was the companion for all of us but it wasnt enough to enjoy. That, we called it a day. Early next morning, we started our ascent to the Valley of Flowers. That took us a while more for we had over-used our physical strength the previous day. As soon as we reached the destination, we shook a leg and did some crazy stuff I wouldn want to explain here :P Stayed there for an hour witnessing the rising clouds from the valley. We couldn stay any longer cos of a couple of reasons. Firstly, I'm working in the IT sector, needless to say the other reasons. The exhaustion took a toll on me and I was just gliding along during descent, just about maintaining the balance. Reached Joshimath 6 hours after we left VOF. I barely took any rest in between, it was a race with time I had to win so that i get to sleep on a cozy bed :P

I was astonished to see my denims slipping from my waist after the two-day hectic exercise. Dozed in
harmony after a bheema-meal :D The return trip was even more pathetic cos we couldn reserve our tickets on the direct bus. Had to hitch-hike to return to my den.
That eventful vacation led to another, "Kedarnath".


P.S : Contact me on if you want to know more about our itinerary.


  1. आपका ये लेख देख कर अपनी यात्रा की याद हो आयी है, चलो जी कम से कम ये हर की दून से तो ज्यादा ही अच्छी जगह है।

  2. haan ji. aapka har ki doon trip ke baare me likhiye. aur photos bhi upload kijiye. :) mera post abhi bhi 'in progress' hai.

  3. हर की दून शुरु कर दी है, एक पोस्ट हो गयी है, आपके कैमरे से आपके साथ दो तीन फ़ोटो थे उन्हे भी भेज दो वो भी लगा देता हूँ अगली पोस्ट में।