Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Do We Hate Our Managers

This post is for all those people who hate their managers. That being said, I advice those who don’t hate their managers to either start hating them or stop reading this post here. I prefer the former though.

It starts with the fact that they are the MANAGERS and these so-called managers consider the rest are just a bunch of douche bags. Anyway, that one thought proves the fact that its otherwise. This is a personal opinion and hence there are a few exceptions. Incidentally, I always fail to understand their point of view.
What do you budding engineers think you’ll be, later at some point in life?? Should I answer that question too? Damn, this country is heading nowhere. The answer is – SLAVES! Let me explain how you’ll end up being a slave.

After your graduation, you either start looking for a job or pursue higher education. The ones who opt for post-graduation are safe for another year or two. But what about the salary-seekers?? They bag a handsome-salary in some IT organization or an engineering institution. They’re happy for a couple of months. Mind it, its just a couple of months. Posted somewhere they dislike and are made to work day and night relentlessly. You cannot voice your opinion or your problems even if there’s a separate cell that hears to them. Cos’ they don’t want to compromise their business in exchange to the employee’s welfare. Simple as it is, you work 24/7, any time during the day or night presumably and get something in return just like the old days. The only difference being one used to get food back then for the work they do but nowadays they’ve improvised on that, they pay you in currencies so that you buy your own food. At least one is not devoid of the choice of food.

Now to the point I left before. Try asking your boss something that needs change. What do you get in return? The answer is who-is-the-boss! Even if your idea would turn the business from bankruptcy to the No.1 on Forbes, it makes no sense to them cos’ they are the ones who always got to make the decision, of course turning down any help they are offered.


India supposedly earned freedom from the English. I would say, we earned something that was stolen from us. Think about this, your phone is stolen and you buy it for a price from the same person who stole it. Ridiculous isn’t it? Don’t bother, I’m not even going to that point. I don’t want anybody shooting bullets up my arse!
I’m sure anybody would have been a victim of an arrogant boss. I find the them intellectually masturbating at times like those. So we do not commit the same mistake ever, NEVER EVER. As they say, Live and Learn from Fools and from Sages!

This wrath of slavery must be curbed and for that nothing has been devised yet. Maybe each of you can think of some innovative way to dodge the ball. Comment underneath with your thoughts.

Hope we become better managers :)



  1. nice one bro.. seems as if u av really been a victim of tis SLAVERY!!!! perhaps to such an xtent tat u av vented ur fury thru words.. many ld av had similar xperiences.. n d 'bosses' demselves.. it's all a cycle.. nobody s gonna remain a subordinate all throughout his career.. d day u become d boss, ur subordinates become d slaves n so on.. it's all 'routine'.. n tats hw modern management wrks.. u r ur boss' slave n he in turn is his'.. tats hw d 'balance' is maintained.. n it's always gud to 'not' disturb it :-P isnt it????

  2. although best not to disturb it, i find it awful. instead we could make an attempt to change what we have created.